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Why A Cleanse Kicks A Diet’s BUT!

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Why A Cleanse Kicks A Diet’s BUT!

greyson hawe

A lot of big Buts out there...


Existing only to sabotage your diet!

But I worked out today!

But it's a party!

But it's the weekend!

But I lost several pounds this week!

But I deserve a little nibble!

But I've been really good the last couple of days!

A cleanse offers a simple way around these Buts

cleanse to start your bucket list life.jpg

When you're washing your hands, do ever consider dumping more dirt on them half-way through?

Of course not!

And that's the power of this But-killer!  A cleanse is a GREAT way to start your Personal Transformation


My personal journey with a cleanse:

As part of my Health Bucket List, I did a six week cleanse early 2013

No Meat, No Wheat, No Sugar, No Alcohol, No Coffee.  Still sounds crazy to me today

I gave myself a cheat meal once every two weeks

I took a picture of myself every day for inspiration.  I documented my transformation here

It was hard, but waaaaaaay easier to stay motivated than a strict 'diet' where my goal would be to lose weight.  My focus was on cleaning my gizzard, the weight loss (15 pounds of pure crap cut from my body) was a happy bonus


So let's transform those big Buts through the lens of a cleanse

But I worked out today!

Good job!  So reward your body with some veg and tons of water.  Your body will love you for that!  As you move away from eating crap and your taste buds return, your mouth will love you too

But it's a party!

Awesome.  Celebrate your clean kidneys, liver, lungs, blood, muscles, and every other organ in your body.  Celebrate the energy you have.  And there's nothing like a cool glass of water to celebrate your body

But it's the weekend!

Great.  A time to recover and re-energize for the week.  Rest, take a long detox bath, mediate, do some yoga, take a long walk, enjoy the sunset

But I lost several pounds this week!

Then the last thing you want to do is put them back on.  A cleanse offers amazing weight loss.  Getting rid of the worst toxins in your body.  And it leaves your body in a state of awesomeness!  Stabilize for a month or so.  Then your body will be primed for any new challenge you want to take on!

But I deserve a little nibble!

You deserve to feel amazing!  And you will on a cleanse.  Little nibbles are easier to avoid because you won't want to 'dirty the water'

But I've been really good the last couple of days!

Then celebrate with some fresh fruit.  The sugar rush will blow you away.  But only after you stop eating all the easy sugars that surround you


You're stronger than you think!  

Your taste buds do not control you

Tell your mouth you're going to chill for awhile.  Go ahead and please the other 99% of your body for a few weeks


Soon, your body will start loving you again


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What few changes you're willing to add to your Health Bucket List?  Please tell me about your journey below!

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