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Rocks in a Mason Jar:  Big Rocks equal Living the Bucket List Life!

Bucket List Life Blog

Turn your bucket list into a Bucket Life!

Rocks in a Mason Jar: Big Rocks equal Living the Bucket List Life!

greyson hawe

Some people have thousands of weekends left, some have far less.  We just don't know who is who

Let's not let that thought frighten us

Let it AWAKEN us!

awaken to your bucket list life 2_2.jpg

Take another step toward your Bucket List Life today!

Start FOCUSING your life around …

The things that are MOST Important to you

The things you are MOST PASSIONATE about

The things that you want to be remembered by

These are the Big Rocks in your Mason Jar!

rocks in a mason jar_2.jpg
What you focus on Expands. If you focus on the good, you will GET MORE of it!
— Oprah

Think of your life as a Jar of Experiences

When it’s full, it’s full

In the end, we’ll only have so many experiences.  We can fill our jar with big rocks, all the way down to sand

The Big Rocks are the great experiences in your life

Dream Vacations are Big Rocks

Big Physical Achievements for Yourself are Big Rocks

Family Life Moments are Big Rocks

Sand is what most people use to fill up their experience jar

Sand is watching the latest TV show

Sand is eating unhealthy food, ... again

Sand is wasting 2 hours a day on Facebook

buried in sand_2b.jpg

The Sand is killing us.  It’s choking out the True You!  Brush that Sand off!

There’s another huge benefit to starting with the Big Rocks ...

By taking up space with the good-sized rocks, naturally we'll have less time taken up by sand

Don’t Worry!  Sand will still get in.  That’s okay.  Just make sure the big rocks get in first!


Start now!  Make this weekend count!

Choose One and commit to doing it this weekend:

Take one step towards Getting Healthier


Do something to Be Happier

(Note: Veteran Bucket Lifers need to commit to both)

Put a Big Rock into your mason jar this weekend!


Please Comment and SHARE with someone who needs this!

Your Bucket List Life needs to be filled with Big Rocks!!! What Big Rock experience can you commit to right now!  Tell me about it below

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