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Please, Take My Seat: Your 'Privilege' is Keeping you from Living your Bucket List Life

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Please, Take My Seat: Your 'Privilege' is Keeping you from Living your Bucket List Life

greyson hawe

Sometimes you have to give up your place in line to go forward

Sometimes stepping back allows you to go further, faster

Privilege is the first stepping stone to Disdain

To Condemnation

To Passing Judgement

Having more makes us believe

That we Deserve to have more

That we are somehow Better than others


And when we 'Deserve to be Better', we naturally look down on those without

We all have places in our lives where we feel privileged.  But we don't have to fall into that trap.  We can be grateful for every little bit of help we get

And be prepared to share that privilege with others


Giving up your seat to someone who needs it more than you

will fill your soul

Giving up your place in line to someone in a hurry

will make you glow inside

Giving up your advantage

will make you feel like you earned your rewards

Earned, NOT Deserved

My personal journey along this path:

Many of you know my fascination/obsession with Shakespeare. (Acted as Richard III, Jaques, Anthony, Demetrius, Lysander, and so many others. Directed Midsummer Night's Dream. And I celebrate April 23rd every year)

You can blame two incredible influences for that insanity.  The late, great Doctor James Ayres (Shakespeare at Winedale)

And this limey bastard…

colin cox is living his bucket list.jpg

He taught me to love the word bastard.  He is/was my mentor, my friend and my teacher.  As the Artistic Director of the Will and Company, he taught me most of what I know today about the Will.  His plays, his life, his influences

We traveled the burrows of LA performing Shakespeare for schools, from kindergartens to colleges.  One hour, in and out.  Set up the stage, determine entrances ("Ok, Art will enter thru the cafeteria door, Greyson hide behind these flags until your cue,  Ready, break!"), 45 min version of Hamlet, a little Q and A, and we were gone

Modern day gypsies trading on Cheers and Smiles

Colin brought the troupe into South Central 3 days after the LA Rodney King riots.  We performed the Three Musketeers (Aramis, if you must know) for black, 8 year old kiddos who were wondering if white people were evil




And one of the BEST experiences of my life

The kids loved it!

They cheered Us

We hugged Them

Maybe, just maybe, my small part may have had an effect on the world that day

Without Colin as my leader, I don't think I would've had the guts to even make the attempt

So I raise my glass to a man who has performed 1000's of shows for decades across LA and the nation

Focusing on celebrating minorities, the disadvantaged, the non-white non-male populace

Much respect to my favorite Limey bastard,… Colin Cox

give up you seat.jpg

Sometimes giving up your place in line

Is the most wonderfully selfish thing you can do


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What are you willing to give up to lighten someone else's load?  Please tell me about it below!

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